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How To Give Poultry Layers Vaccination & Medication From Day Old

Hello guys and welcome to my post on to give  poultry layers vaccination & medication from day old. I have met many people that wanted to venture into poultry farming but are afraid to do so because of the wrong information they heard about poultry birds mortality. They will say, they have heard many stories of a whole poultry farm been short down due to disease outbreak.

I want to tell you that this can never happen if you follow the rules of keeping a poultry farm, at least its been over seven years have started this business so i know what am saying. The thing is virus infections plays an enormous role in poultry production.

If One is not careful and do follow the standard way to keep birds, there are many viruses that can have a damaging effect on productive efficiency and also on mortality.The vaccination chart analyzed below had been specifically assigned to

commercial layers and now compiled upon requests; for the beginning poultry farmers who are keen in venturing into the layer egg farming business below are the vaccination and medication you should follow starting from day 1.

Day1  ————Marek’s Disease SC Turkey Herpesvirus and SB-1 Vaccines

Day14-21 ——–Newcastle/Infectious Bronchitis (lasota) via Water administration

Day14-21 ——–Infectious Bursal Disease (Gumboro) via Water

Week5 ———–Newcastle/Infectious Bronchitis via Water administration

Week8-10 ——–Newcastle/Infectious Bronchitis via Water administration

Week10-12 ——–Encephalomyelitis (live chick-embryo origin) via Wing web stab

Week10-12 ——-Fowl pox vaccine (modified live) via Wing web stab

Week10-12 ——-Laryngnotracheitis (modified live) via Intraocular administration

Week10-14 ——-Mycoplasma Gallisepticum via Intraocular or Spray mild live strain

Week12-14 ——-Newcastle/Infectious Bronchitis via Water administration

Week16-18 ——-Newcastle/Infectious Bronchitis via Water

Week18 ———–Newcastle lasota, Infectious Bronchitis IB M41 strain & EDS

                                (egg drop syndrome)


Week10-14 : Mycoplasma Gallisepticum via Intraocular or Spray mild live strain can be skipped if plans to administer the layers with mycoplasma Gallisepticum parenteral inactivated vaccine at their 18th week are on ground.

Lasota or Newcastle/infectious bronchitis vaccine can be administered once in every 60 or 90 days starting all throughout laying period.

All point of lay birds must be dewormed three times (at week14, week16 and week18) completely and before they commence full time egg production.

No vaccine should be administered to sick birds try and restore them to their health first before giving them their vac.

Multi-vitamins must be administered at least two days before and immediately after each vaccination so as to relieve them of some physical and behavioral stress that could make them too weak or non-responsive to feeding and sometimes feeling withdrawn and inactive after each vaccination; in most cases a drop in daily egg production is experienced for a while.

When you follow these  vaccination and medication procedures and you get the constitution of the Coop/ Pen house right be rest assured that your birds are safe from those deadly viruses and diseases…

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