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3 tier Galvanised Battery Cage

3 tier Galvanised Battery Cage

4.00 out of 5 based on 4 customer ratings

(4 customer reviews )


Galvanised poultry cage with auto drinker and aluminium feeder.  The entire cage is made of a galvanised material to ensure long lasting. Upto 20 years guarantee.

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This 3 tier battery cage houses birds in a compact unit providing easy access to the feeding trough and nipple drinker. It provides value for money in that 90-96 birds will take up a meager 4 square meter (77 inches length by  78 inches width) of space making it an ideal cage for poultry farmers. The aluminium feeder is lightweight and easy to clean.

The WANDA Premium Semi-automatic Poultry Cages are designed for clean and easy egg packing as well as minimal feed spillage when feeding chickens. They come with all required water accessories and adjoining parts.

The cages are suitable for all kinds of egg-laying chickens including breeders, layers, point-of-lay and point-of cage birds. They are well designed for clean and easy collection of eggs, a seamless serving of feed, and easy management of the entire cage.

The aluminium feeding trough is made of aluminium which is remarkable for its lightweight and durability; in its ability to resist corrosion.

Measurement of the 3 Tier Battery Cage with Aluminium Feeder [90/96 Birds]

Length Width
1 Inches 77 78
2 Feet 6.4 6.5
3 Centimetres 195.6 198.1
4 Metres 1.96 1.98

 Characteristics of the 3 Tier Battery Cage with Aluminium Feeder [90]

  • Each cell can hold a maximum of 3 birds
  • Each cage has 5 cells
  • A whole unit contains 6 cages in 3 tiers

Characteristics of the 3 Tier Battery Cage with Aluminium Feeder [96 Birds]

  • Each cell can hold a maximum of 4 birds
  • Each cage has 4 cells
  • A whole unit contains 6 cages in 3 tiers

All WANDA Cages Come With

  • Full automatic Drinking system
  • Premium feeding system to avoid feed wastage
  • Durable Frames for the cages
  • Good quality Connecting fittings

We also provide

  • One year warranty
  • Free Installation for orders of 4 units and above

Orders for less than 4 units include additional costs for installation and transportation of workers

If you require a special specification (that is not included), please state that in your enquiry and we would let you know if we have that too.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: How many chickens can one unit of WANDA cage contain?

Answer 1: It depends on the model you buy. Please see the available models above.


Question 2: Can I request for a specification not included in the models above.

Answer 2: Yes. Use the “Make Enquiry” button to make your request.


Question 3: Are WANDA cages imported?

Answer 3: No. They are fabricated in Nigeria using high-quality materials that ensure durability.


Question 4: Can you provide me a warranty?

Answer 4: All WANDA cages come with one year warranty.


Question 5: Can I pay a deposit and then balance up before you send my order?

Answer 5: Yes, you can pay a deposit of at least 70%.

4 reviews for 3 tier Galvanised Battery Cage

  1. Really happy with this

  2. Took time to deliver but i can testify, it is indeed a good product.. recommend to farmers

  3. Thanks for your prompt response, my birds are enjoying your cage

  4. This is a fantastic quality product

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